5000 litre tank

In the earlier years of the Godwin Memorial Fund, we were involved in many projects in memory of our meditation teacher and friend, Godwin Samararatne. (There is a website about Godwin and his meditation teaching at www.godwin-home-page.net). These projects included funding improvement work at the Kandy and Peradenya hospitals, repairing or rebuilding poor people’s homes, publishing free informative booklets for cancer patients and travelling out to remote country villages to give out free school exercise books and other material support.

One of our chief supporters, Mr. Herbert Perera, a retired engineer, organised and helped fund the installation of water-tanks in the local women’s prison and for poor households on the outskirts of Kandy. He also brought engineering students from Germany to build a bridge over the river separating a village’s farmers from their fields to enable them to safely reach their fields year-round, plus improving their school facilities with solar electricity. However currently, due to restricted funds, we have had to concentrate all our activity on the poor households we continue to support with monthly payments.